Leif Johnson

   I teach the Woodworking, Cabinetmaking, and Construction areas in the Technology Education Department. The classes in this area are very activity based. Several projects will be constructed in all of these classes.
  Woodworking is a semester course which introduces basic concepts in woodworking. It is a great class for those who have some woodworking knowledge and for those who haven't had any experience with woodworking. Several small projects and a larger table project will be items all students will construct in this semester course.
  Cabinetmaking is a year long course which is usually taken after Woodworking.  A required project will be constructed by all students.  An elective project  will be designed and built after the required project. This is a class where there are many beautiful pieces of furniture to be displayed at the end of the year.
  Construction is another class that may be taken for those who want to continue their learning in the Woodworking areas or want to develop skill and knowledge in the construction field.  Information relating to many areas of construction will be covered. Various projects and activities dealing with Construction and woodworking will be worked on in this class. Time is also set aside for those students who wish to construct their own individual or elective project. Storage sheds and children's playhouses are a favorite in this class.

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